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1.gif (22389 byte) At 4:00pm on April 23, 1950, Mr. Dean Morgan, a part-time photographer, making his way through the underbrush in a wooded area in broad daylight, getting some fresh air and looking for a good photographic subject, stumbled upon a UFOat low level, near the ground in a very secluded area. He was coming down the south side of a wooded hill not far from Red Bud, when the woods suddenly broke away into a clearing on a gentle slope crossed by utility lines on telephone poles that passed through there. Mr. Morgan was able to get one photograph of the object before it took off
2.gif (39663 byte) At 2:00pm on April 9, 1976, Hirohito Tanaka saw the small dark circular flying object with the raised dome in the center. It was making a low pass over the roof of his next door neighbor's house. Grabbing his Instamatic 126, he ran to the balcony and shot seven pictures in rapid succession. The domed disc was moving in zig-zag and falling-leaf fashion as it flew about in the near sky. It was dark colored and he could not see much detail, only noting its strange movements, well aware that no airplane known to him could perform such maneuvers
3.gif (72546 byte) Newsmen Ed Keffel and Joao Martins of "O'Cruzeiro Magazine," covering a groundbreaking ceremony near Copacabana, saw a strange aircraft approaching. Cameraman Ed Keffel snapped five black and white photographs as the UFOcame directly over them, circled Pedra de Gavea Rock, and then flew back out to sea. The developed prints showed a clearly outlined and sharply detailed solid-looking disc shaped object estimated to be at least 50m in diameter and 5m high
4.gif (26344 byte) On April 24, 1959, Helio Aguiar, a 32 year old statistician employed by a banking firm in Bahia Brazil, was riding an Army Captain friend's new motorcycle along the highway to Itapoan on a trial run to appreciate the Captain's recent purchase. As he came to the stretch of highway passing Piata Beach in the Amaralina district, the machine seemed to be losing power and he looked around in dismay. Suddenly he noticed a big silvery-gray disc approaching in his direction from out over the water. It was shaped something like a cardinal's hat (Catholic Priest) with a number of "windows" or ports of some kind visible around a high raised dome on the top side. As it flew along it changed its pitch angle and he could see the underside and that there were some strange markings or symbols on the bottom of the rim there. He could not make out what letters they were
5.gif (77928 byte) Wayne, New Jersey, was driving in the vicinity of the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Mahwah when his attention was attracted to something flying in the sky. Through the trees along the street he could see a dull dark gray object sitting almost motionless in the sky beyond. Stopping the car in front of the Seminary, Bjornstad got out with his Japanese brand 35mm hand camera loaded with outdoor color film, and walked through to a better vantage point, then adjusted the distance setting to infinity and snapped on picture of the strange flying machine
6.gif (54663 byte) At 1:30pm on March 18, 1975, 19 year old Patric McCarthy had gone to an abandoned quarry to try to photograph some wild birds. He had poked around in the desolate area for some time and was just starting to walk back when suddenly he saw a massive circular object in the sky. With camera in hand he started taking pictures as fast as he could